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Happy Halloween everyone. The great thing about my interest in photography is that the subject itself accommodates a myriad of other interests; arts, science and philosophy – everything from the polished craftsmanship of advertising photography, through space imagery and ending in subjects of a distinctly esoteric nature. To my mind, the paranormal is just another name for natural phenomena that our materialist scientists don’t understand yet. Since the camera was invented, people have been seeing ‘ghostly’ images that weren’t meant to be there. Most are obvious hoaxes – others are not so clear cut. The ‘Freddy Jackson’ photo being a particularly fascinating story. Ghosts, ghouls and things that go ‘click’ in the night.


Photos of Apparitions

Belgium might not be world-renowned for spectacular landscapes – but it has a magical charm all of its own. Like its people and culture, there is a strength and depth to the topology that might not be immediately obvious. The more you look – the more you see – the more you like what you see. I choose the music of the 19th century French composer Erik Satie to accompany the film. Though not Belgian – the wistful melancholy of his music evokes the rhythms of Belgium – beautiful yet unobtrusive.

Belgian Landscapes. on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Belgian Landscapes. on Vimeo.

This article caught my eye this morning. We are all time travellers – we travel inexorably forward into the future. But to visit the past we need a Time Machine. And there is no better Time Machine than a camera.

Link: Ringo Starr Photograph Mystery Solved | SilberStudios.

©Ringo Starr (1964)


Why your phone is not your friend


Why your phone is not your friend – Japan Camera Hunter

Photography is a powerful form of meditation. When doing it right. Most photographers will attest to this phenomena – all peripheral thought and vision is dispensed with in the quest for the perfect shot. This can be a fleeting moment or can last for hours. That is one of the reasons why our craft is so enjoyable. This article claims that our increasing reliance on smartphones as our primary camera and on its inherent nature to distract our attention and hinder concentration – photographic results will inevitably suffer. I find the article clumsily written and contradictory in places – but do you agree or disagree with the basic premise?  #photogs #photog #iphoneography #iphonography

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