The power of Adobe Photoshop – YouTube


    • Sean Hayes

      Not really Asal – if you’ve been in the ad game as long as I have – ‘enhancement’ IS the game. It’s not that the advertising/fashion industries lie – it’s just that they scrub up very well. The camera may never lie – but PS certainly does. Impossible standards for women, and increasingly men, to live up to. As Bob Marley famously stated “the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile”. How true 🙂 Thanks for comment Asal.


  1. Andrea Koerner

    I saw this earlier today. I’ve seen others like it. I edit photos a lot personally but I do find this disturbing because of what it is doing to our children. Our daughters want to look like this and it is impossible because this photo is no longer of a person. I’ve shown these types of movies to my daughters because I want them to realize that you can’t look like this…no one does. I let them know they are beautiful just as they are. I wish our advertising industry would head in a more positive direction.


    • Sean Hayes

      Thanks for comment Andrea. It is slightly unsettling that the Millennials are even more enthralled with ‘image’ and ‘surface aesthetics’ than ever before. My generation and even the cynicism of generation x kept a healthy distance between the real and unreal aspects of popular culture. Now we have a situation were the young are embracing and celebrating ‘celebrity culture’ like never before – and not seeing the inanity of it. Hence the Miley Cyrus fiasco. As U2 sang – even better than the real thing – sounds like an aspiration to a generation brought up in virtual worlds – Second Life etc. I’m off to shake my stick at the world now – bah humbug! 🙂


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