Colourised Photos Of Historical Figures » Sabotage Times

Normally, I am against ‘colourising’ old photographs and movies. It’s a form of cultural vandalism and is indulged in by media corporations with large archives of black and white movies from the golden age of cinema. They do it because they can charge a premium for rental purposes. But this is interesting – the Chaplin image in particular brings the Tramp to life and could have been shot yesterday.

Charlie Chaplin 'Colourised'

Link:  Colourised Photos Of Historical Figures » Sabotage Times.


    • Sean Hayes

      True. But it is difficult to know what then artist’s original intention was – colour technology (though cumbersome) has existed nearly since the dawn of photography. Imagine, if one day, someone decided to ‘colourise’ the work of Ansel Adams to – ‘improve sales’. 😕 A travesty of travesties.


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