Nude or Bare? A photographic project by Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart Bare Exhibition

Erin © Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart, a Dublin-based, British-born photographer, has been working on a photographic book and exhibition project for the past two years entitled ‘Bare’. Countless artists, be they painters or sculptors, over many millennia, have approached the subject of the female nude with little more than an observer’s eye. Skillfully rendering and immortalising the intrinsic beauty of the female form in pigment or stone was all that was required. The female model had only a perfunctory role in the process – to posses physical beauty and nothing more. The personality of the sitter was rarely, if ever, present. What is interesting and different about Trevor’s approach is that he has photographed his sitters, not only naked – but much more intimately – bare as well. While not quite baring their souls completely, all the women photographed by Trevor have written accompanying text to express how they feel about their ongoing relationship with their bodies and why they wanted to be photographed naked rather than nude. Nakedness implies an emotional vulnerability that nude does not – and it is precisely this permission to observe their vulnerability that makes the images so compelling. In addition, rather than Trevor mechanically recording the beauty of the women on film, he collaborated intimately with each sitter in the creation of her final image; discussing pose, light and cropping during the shoot. As you can see from the photographs posted here, Trevor has captured the beauty, grace and elegance of the women with a beautiful painterly and ethereal light. An exhibition of the final work is planned for 2014 with large format prints from JIm Butler at Inspiration Arts Dublin. There is also a book planned, designed by Aidan Grennell at Image Now Dublin, that is currently on the lookout for a corporate sponsor, so that all proceeds can go entirely to charity. Could that be you? If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have any other questions regarding the exhibition, please contact Trevor directly at the link below.


Trevor Hart Bare Exhibition

Meri © Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart Bare Exhibition

Grace © Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart Bare Exhibition

Grace © Trevor Hart

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