Surfing in Ireland © Sean Hayes


Surfing in Ireland © Sean Hayes

When I was growing up in Ireland in the 70’s, surfing was only something that happened in the opening credits of the TV show – Hawaii Five-O. It seemed like a glamourous dream for someone growing up on an island surrounded by glacial seas, where even going for a quick dip in the summer seas risked hypothermia. But with the recent advancement in synthetic fabric wetsuit technology – which affords some reasonable protection from the elements – Ireland has seen an explosion of interest in the sport: attracting the very best practitioners from home and abroad to surf waves; that can, in some regions, reach as high as 50ft. The photograph above was shot on a beach south of Dublin, on Ireland’s east coast were its ‘gentle rollers’ are perfect for beginners. But the real action is found on the west or southwest coasts were wave heights rival those of some of the more famous locations in California and Australia. Hope you like the image – and should you like one of the images enough to want a pristine print on your wall, please write to me at and we’ll chat about print sizes, prices and shipping arrangements. Thank you for your visit

Should you be interested in a surfing holiday in Ireland, please click the link below for details:

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