Nature has the best designers. Photography by Alexey Klijatov.


©Alexey Klijatov


©Alexey Klijatov


©Alexey Klijatov

Russian photographer, Alexey Klijatov, reminds us that nature has the best designers. We have all been taught since school that each snowflake design is unique; which is a mind-boggling concept in itself, but we are rarely encouraged to stop and examine the intricate beauty of an individual flake. Alexey does a wonderful job, using his macro photography skills, in inviting us into the fantastic microscopic world that surrounds us and see for ourselves the mesmerising uniqueness and flawless symmetry that each snowflake possesses. But how does nature ‘design’ these extraordinary material objects that we all too readily take for granted? One fascinating theory is derived from a branch of research into sound and vibration  – called Cymatics. As we delve more and more into the quantum universe, some scientists are reporting that all matter manifests itself according to a unique frequency or sound. Cymatics have been further likened to a kind of ‘sonic scaffolding’ that enables quantum particles to arrange themselves into distinct patterns that eventually materialise into the ‘visible’ world we see around us. Cymatics is a subject that I encourage you to explore in-depth online. I include a link to a YouTube video that introduces some of the concepts behind this branch of scientific research.

Alexey’s  photography: Flickr: ChaoticMind75’s Photostream

Cymatics Video:

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