Made in the shade. The portrait work of Conor Masterson.

GLEN HANSARD by Conor Masterson

GLEN HANSARD © Conor Masterson

I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Irish photographer and filmmaker Conor Masterson – but I’d like to. Based in London since 1995, Conor’s talented and accomplished eye for producing polished and intriguing photographic work has been recognised and awarded by the Association of Photographers and has led to photography commissions for award-winning ad campaigns for Guinness, Coca-Cola and The Royal Navy. I first noticed Conor’s work through his portrait pieces of Glen Hansard – lead vocalist of Irish band The Frames. What I particularly like about Conor’s approach to portraiture is his ability to capture a sense of spontaneity and playfulness in his subjects, while still maintaining a strict adherence to the discipline and technicalities of producing quality photography. By no means easy. In recent years, Conor has used his well-honed photographic skills to successfully move into film making and cinematography. His natural abilities for building a visual narrative combined with his compelling photography style have culminated in him directing a full-length documentary film about the The Frames. The film celebrates the band being a collective of gifted musicians, who, over a 20 year period, have supported each other and created music together. Titled ‘The Frames In The Deep Shade’, it was shot in beautiful black and white and in an experimental style that steers clear of all the ‘rock documentary’ clichés. The film follows the band over an 18 month period and is intercut with spectacular concert footage and intimate interviews with band members on several different dates and at varied events. The final film received its premiere, to critical acclaim, at the 2013 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. A trailer for the film is posted below. I encourage you to visit Conor’s web site and discover the depth and diversity of his talent.

Link to portfolio:


More portrait work from Conor.

DOMINIC JOHN by Conor Masterson

DOMINIC JOHN © Conor Masterson

TOM MEETEN by Conor Masterson

TOM MEETEN © Conor Masterson



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