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Sony Cyber shot DSC QX10 and DSC QX100 demo. Clever.

When glamour photography was glamourous. Karen Radkai was a staff photographer for Vogue Magazine during the 50’s and 60’s. Other than that, not much more is known about her. Adds mystique to her work. Link to her archive:

© Pleasurephoto

Vogue - July 1960 Photo Karen Radkai

Sondra Peterson

Vogue – July 1960

© Karen Radkai


Vogue Magazine Cover

Sondra Peterson in white organdy bow hat by Adolfo for Emme, dress from Jax, jewelry by Verdura, cover photo by Karen Radkai, Vogue, July 1, 1960-Sophia-


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Love this post. It has everything I’m interested in: photography, fine art painting , science and the continuing war of organised religions against empirical thought.



I know that I’ve never wanted to talk about gear… but let’s see this post as a matter of faith, science, philosophy and intellect.
Anyway, this comes as second part of The experts and the Creative World.

We all know that Christianity had a strong anti-intellectual tradition that survived until the late mediaeval period, and occasionally burst forth in the Renaissance, as during the heresy trial of Galileo Galilei. This struggle ended when Western science overthrew the traditional Christian view of the physical world, beginning in the 18th century, and has remained dominant ever since. Ironically, some fundamentalists are still fighting the battle, particularly over Darwinism, creationism, and… intelligence.

Many modern observers have a hard time accepting that early Islam could accept 1,200 years ago what modern Christianity still has trouble with. Admittedly, modern Islamic fundamentalists also share a parallel rejection of the empirical scientific method, preferring to…

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With the increasing ubiquity of photographers and photographs, it was only a question of time before the fine art community posed the question: “What is a Photograph?” Interesting article from the nytimes about redefining photography in the modern age. Another semantics battle methinks: more for the benefit of curators and collectors who need to put things in quantifiable boxes with neat labels for financial reasons. Creators just want to create – others want to define.

Link: With Cameras Optional, New Directions in Photography –

Nice post from fellow Irish mobile photographer, Brendan Ó Sé, on the nature of creative competition, and on how it can inspire artists to excel at what they do.

Photographic Punctuation

Last Wednesday, the results from the Mobile Photography Awards (MPAs) were announced. This was my second time entering the competition. Last year, I did not place. This year, I got two honourable mentions for the photographs below. This is a competition I really like. It is exceptionally well-organised and there is so much quality in the winning images and those which received honourable mentions. Mobile photography is innovative and has real momentum. There is a thriving mobile photography community and some extraordinary people driving it forward with passion. Daniel K. Berman, the founder of the Mobile Photography Awards, is one of these people. The MPAs, I believe are helping photographers to emerge and to gain recognition. And also, the competition is inspiring photographers to learn, to experiment, to innovate and to have fun.

Photography is a hobby for me. I remember reading something from Eric Kim (I tried to…

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 photo of Ashling Hayes

Portrait of my niece © Sean Hayes

Many of you have remarked how my photography work reminds them of oil paintings by the old masters. I always take these remarks as the greatest of compliments because I have a deep love of painting and painters and have spent many years studying, in detail, how they handle light and composition to create their masterpieces. In fact, I would highly recommend that any aspiring photographer take a course in life drawing, painting and/or the history of art to improve their photographic skills. Learning how to “see” is essential to mastering any visual medium, and the old masters were masterful at understanding how light and composition combine to create sublime imagery: photography is no different. One painter that I am particularly interested in at the moment, is the German Symbolist and Art Nouveau artist, Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928). I admire his draughtsmanship and dramatic use of light. I am particularly enamoured with his rather formal portrait work; beautiful profiles with ornate textural clothing. The portrait above, of my niece Ashling, is heavily influenced by Von Stuck’s approach to light and composition. Below, is a painting by Von Stuck, called, Cinderella. The Symbolists were heavily influenced by mythology and romanticism; a perfect theme to portray the emerging beauty of my niece.

Cinderella © Franz Von Stuck

Cinderella © Franz Von Stuck

Absolutely delighted to have received a 2nd place for my image “The Butcher of Bruxelles” in the ‘People’ section of the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards. Congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions in all categories. Gratifying to see the quality of the work of fellow mobile photographers continue to excel year after year. Please check out the other categories and prepared to be amazed at the sheer artistry of the work awarded. Mobile photography truly comes of age. Congratulations to Dan Berman and his MPA team for organisng and ajudicating a sophisticated and quality photographic competition of global proportions. No mean feat.

Link to competition winners: 2013 Mobile Photography Awards People Category Winners | The Mobile Photography Awards.

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