The Camera Obscura in the scientific war between Christianity and Islam

Love this post. It has everything I’m interested in: photography, fine art painting , science and the continuing war of organised religions against empirical thought.



I know that I’ve never wanted to talk about gear… but let’s see this post as a matter of faith, science, philosophy and intellect.
Anyway, this comes as second part of The experts and the Creative World.

We all know that Christianity had a strong anti-intellectual tradition that survived until the late mediaeval period, and occasionally burst forth in the Renaissance, as during the heresy trial of Galileo Galilei. This struggle ended when Western science overthrew the traditional Christian view of the physical world, beginning in the 18th century, and has remained dominant ever since. Ironically, some fundamentalists are still fighting the battle, particularly over Darwinism, creationism, and… intelligence.

Many modern observers have a hard time accepting that early Islam could accept 1,200 years ago what modern Christianity still has trouble with. Admittedly, modern Islamic fundamentalists also share a parallel rejection of the empirical scientific method, preferring to…

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