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© Hiroshi Watanabe

© Hiroshi Watanabe

A must visit – the photography is just sublime. Link to portfolio and article: Hiroshi Watanabe – Japanese Performance and Portraiture | LensCulture.


Comrade Cartier-Bresson: the great photographer revealed as a communist | Art and design | The Guardian.

Interesting. Google haven’t even launched ‘Glass’ yet to the general public – I presume it’s being beta tested – but they are already being defensive in their communications literature. The technology is destined to pose all kinds of legal and ethical implications for its users, as well as some interesting avenues for photographers to explore. Mobile photography changed the traditional photography paradigm: It will be interesting to observe how the Google Glass technology will influence visual artists in general.

Photographic portrait of my wife Kat Hayes

Kat Hayes © Sean Hayes

Portrait of my beautiful wife. Shot with my iPhone and processed with photo apps to add a painterly texture.

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