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Reposting this because I’m a huge fan of anything Kubrick. Enjoy. Link to article: Famed Director Stanley Kubrick’s Phenomenal Early Photography Portfolio – Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.


In a world drowning in a tsunami of  images, does photography mean anything anymore? Advertising art director, Erik Kessels, sees beauty, humour and a touch of the surreal in decontextulized “found” photo albums.

Link to article: The world’s weirdest photo albums | Art and design | The Guardian.


Daniel Boschung cartographies faces. The composed mega portraits are irritating.
‘The Machine View’ is the Swiss publicity and coverage photographer’s newest project. He cartographies faces. Instead of taking pictures himself, he removes himself out of the process by delegating the work to an ABB industrial robot driven by a control software, which was written exclusively for this task. The standardized portraits have a surprising impact.

More on this story:  RoboPhot » Portraits.

Nobody shoots the delicate dance of nature as well as Karen McRae. Her deceptively simple photographs of the natural world around her home in rural Canada brings the beautiful complexity of life – to life. Well worth a visit to her site to view her extraordinary images of a world that we all too often take for the ordinary.

draw and shoot








FourLeafClover_DamselflyDewDropMost of these photographs have been posted somewhere on this blog before, but together I think they tell a small part of a very big story.

© Karen McRae, 2014

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My first foray into filmmaking. Shot with a Canon PowerShot G9 and edited with Adobe Premier Pro, the short film follows the trials and tribulations of my young son, Aidan, as he tries to master the art of making noise. I decided to shoot in B&W to give the proceedings a documentary feel, reminiscent of the “Cinéma vérité” style of filmmaking. A bit ropey around the edges – especially the sound quality – but hopefully it’s still worth a viewing.

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “The inner life of an artist”. The title says it all – worth 2 minutes of your time. Link: Photographer Swallows 35mm Film, Allows Digestive Fluids To Create Astounding Images – Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

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