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It had to happen. It’s happened. Luxurious car maker, Bentley, shoots a short film entirely with iPhones and edits using iMovie on an iPad Air. More of a commercial for Apple one would think. The result is interesting enough to bring a rather pedestrian script to life. It looks different from most car commercials – an achievement in of itself – most car scripts and productions are so predictable boring these days. The gimmick of using iPhones etc. is a bit disingenuous, as little attention is given to the use of expensive lenses and equally expensive camera crews, who are seasoned professionals, who know what they are doing. Professional people make things look good, not professional gear. Sorry gearheads.

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Excellent article on the silliness of the “quality” debate in photography.

“Looking at them I’m reminded that a definition of photographic “quality” is meaningless unless we can define what make photographs evocative. In the digital age, with an enormous emphasis on detail and precision, most people use resolution as their only standard. Bewitched by technology, digital photographers have fetishized sharpness and detail.”


Sums up my feelings about the subject perfectly.

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A punk gestures © Christopher Furlong

A punk gestures © Christopher Furlong





















Great series of images by Christopher Furlong that record events at a boutique music festival for Punk and Ska fans in Morecambe UK. Difficult to explain the raw energy and excitement of a musical movement that blew away the stifling banality of corporate culture in the 70’s. It could be successfully argued that we have returned to that cultural stasis today. Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash, summed up succinctly the purity of the Punk ethos in this quote shortly before his untimely death in 2002. “I’d define it as self-awareness: an ability to trust your own judgement. An ability to see through veils of bullshit or spins on stories or propaganda. Maybe an ability to think for yourself.” I had the great fortune to see The Jam and The Clash live in the late 70’s – I have the perforated eardrum to prove it:)

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Well worth reading if you’ve had your photographic work “used” without your permission or compensation. A perpetual problem that is getting worse.  Link to article: Mastering Photo » What to do when someone steals your photos?.


I don’t think the science is a done deal yet. There are many complex and interacting forces that influence all life on earth – maybe colony collapse disorder is a natural cycle? But I do agree that “modern” man plays dice with the future by arrogantly meddling with systems that took billions of years to perfect. Balance is the code of the universe – our species insists on playing with loaded dice – not good.

Brilliant. I love the way Japanese creatives approach advertising briefs that produce “out-of-the-box” thinking, and – in this case – into vacuum sealed bags. In this age of convoluted ad campaigns of digital drudgery, simple, creative and compelling photography coupled with relevant and witty copy remains a powerful a way of communicating memorable brand ideas. Congratulations to Japanese photographer Hal for helping us preserve the love of simple, yet striking, advertising ideas. For more about Hal and the rest of the campaign executions, please follow the link below:

photographer hal vacuum seals couples for condomania ads.

Panorama With Sandstone Outcrop Near 'The Kimberley' Waypoint

Mars surface panorama With Sandstone Outcrop Near ‘The Kimberley’ Waypoint

This 360-degree panorama from NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is centered southward toward a planned science waypoint at “the Kimberley,” with an outcrop of eroded sandstone in the foreground. It combines several frames taken by the Navigation Camera (Navcam) high on the rover’s mast, during the 574th Martian day, or sol, of Curiosity’s work on Mars (March 18, 2014).

The mission’s prime science destinations are on the lower slope of Mount Sharp, which is on the horizon of this scene. North is at both ends of the panorama, which is presented as a cylindrical projection.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, manages the Mars Science Laboratory Project for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. JPL designed and built the project’s Curiosity rover and the rover’s Navcam.

More information about Curiosity is online at and

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