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Drones are rapidly evolving and changing how we go about our affairs: Everything from how we conduct war to how we make advertising commercials. Worth a visit.

One of my favourite painters is subjugated to a very interesting experiment that goes beyond the hypothesis of the camera obscura. The photorealism of his work might have employed the fundamentals of photography – 150 years before its invention.

D-Day slider















Really compelling “then and now” photography from Operation Overlord – more commonly known as D-day – that took place on the 6th of June 1944. I had the opportunity to visit the Normandy beaches a couple of years ago and was humbled by the sacrifice and bravery of the men who took part in the largest seaborne invasion in military history. I remember wandering down to the shoreline on Omaha beach, turned to face the machine gun decked dunes, 100 or so metres away, and tried to imagine what it was like to be a young American GI on that fateful morning: tired and wet, weary of the smell of vomit from seasickness and fear, weighed down by 75 pounds of gear, alighting from a landing craft and running as fast as a he could towards a blizzard of bullets. Respect. Left a lasting impression.


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