New iPhonic Art Show To Open Next Month at Markham Vineyards Gallery in St. Helena, CA – P1xels

Very pleased to be invited by Knox Bronson over at P1xels to take part in a year-long exhibition of iPhonic Art at the Markham Vineyards Gallery in California. Equally pleased to see some familiar names among those chosen by Knox to exhibit their work. Talented artists one and all. Like many in the iPhoneography community, I am continually impressed by Knox’s commitment and dedication to the iPhonic arts movement. Knox was the first person to post one of my iPhone photographs online, way back in 2010, and I still remember the thrill of seeing my submission posted on his site  The site also introduced me to the work of fellow iphoneographers like Roger Guetta, Klaudia Cechin, Paul Moore, Clint Cline, Cindy Patrick and many, many other talented artists whose work really impressed me and continues to do so.
My submission for the exhibition is “Angel Wings” which I shot on a recent visit back to Dublin, Ireland. It was a beautiful sunny day with a low autumn light bathing the city. I only noticed the reflected “wings” when I started to process the image with a fantastic B&W app called Camera Noir. Serendipity is the lifeblood of photography. The photograph is posted below. If you are in the Napa Valley area of California during 2015, make a point of visiting the gallery in St.Helena – sixty or so artists will be on show and I’m sure you will be blown away with the quality of the work.

Link to details about the gallery and exhibition:

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes

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