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As photographers, we all strive to take photographs that make people sit up and take notice. Here are the shots and stories that did just that.

The exhibition The Shot That Made Me sees photographers pinpoint the breakthrough shots in their careers – whether they’re of ballet, Malala or Branson

Source: Photographers and their eureka moments – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian


I was invited by Irish poet, writer and screenwriter – Patrick Chapman – to contribute cover photography for his latest collection of poetry; titled ‘Slow Clocks of Decay’. Delighted to do so. The shot selected is of a forlorn rose in my garden on a cold winter’s day. I admired its fortitude in the face of diminishing odds of surviving the north-easterly winds buffeting our garden and decided to capture the rose’s plight in photography. Admiration is also in order for Patrick’s latest work of poetry. As the sleeve notes succinctly states, Patrick’s seventh poetry collection succeeds in ‘Exploring universal themes through the lens of his remarkable imagination’. I’ve selected a poem from the collection that encompasses the transient themes of Patrick’s work. The impermanence of everything. If you are interested in discovering more of Patrick’s work, please follow the link:


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.53.10

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.54.18


I named my photography blog ‘Time Machine’ for a reason. In rather sad circumstances, British photographer Lee Jeffries eloquently sums up what photography is and why it matters. RIP “Cowboy”.

“In Irish mythology, Ériu was the goddess of ancient Ireland. I love shooting landscape in Ireland. The nuanced light combined with the etheric body of an ancient land almost guarantees interesting results. My series of images of this mysterious land are an attempt to capture the special ‘atmosphere’ of the topology rather than classic picture postcard photography. Hopefully I succeeded. All images shot with the LGG4 and edited exclusively with the Snapseed photo app.” – Sean Hayes.

Link to winners page:


3 Honorable Mentions at the 5th Annual MPA © Sean Hayes

What a nice weekend. thx you @reservoir_dan and @mobilephotoawards and the ‪#‎mobilephotography‬ community for reminding me why I love doing what I do. 3 Honourable mentions in the Black and White, Portraits and Photo Journalism categories. Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups.


Appreciate Joanne Carter at inviting me to contribute to this interesting series of interviews with passionate and talented members of the mobile photography community. You can access my interview by clicking the link below.



Dopplegänger © Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes is something of a cultural artist crossing geographic boundaries, one who transforms cultural landscapes. His art is an experience, his portraiture and street work allows for a direct […]

Source: ‘Brought to Light’ – Mobile Photography / Art Interview with Sean Hayes

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