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Ansel Adams’ famous quote about technical proficiency in photography is more apt today than ever. Camera manufactures and photography ‘gearheads’ continue to peddle a narrow narrative concerning the importance of mathematically machined photographic equipment and its importance if you want to ‘shoot like a pro’. British photographer Pennie Smith has proven otherwise. Her iconic photo of Paul Simonon smashing his guitar on stage during a show in New York City in 1979 is a perfect example of the visceral power of an imperfect photograph that is perfectly flawed. It’s out of focus and grainy. A technocrats worst nightmare. Yet it became one of the most famous images in Rock’n’Roll when used as cover art for The Clash’s London Calling album. A fuzzy photo that captures the energy and vitality of life will always win out against a sterile photo that’s perfectly sharp.


London Calling Album Cover © Pennie Smith

Interview with Pennie Smith via Soundcloud:

I’ve always admired the work of Nadav Kander. The simple elegance  of his advertising and editorial photography belies the consideration and intelligence he puts into creating some of the most compelling images in photography today. Couple his renowned photographic skills with equally considered and intelligent advertising copywriting and art direction and something interesting – and increasingly rare – happens: Your advertising gets noticed. Result. Simples. To quote recently retired adman Bob Hoffman of fame; “Creative people make the ads. Everyone else makes the arrangements.”

Link to Kander’s site:

Source: Nadav Kander shoots simple but powerful new Samaritans campaign – Creative Review

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