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Camera never lies? Then change your lens;)

Its always difficult to answer what is the best focal length for a portrait. Here is small preview how different focal lengths can change look of a face. Share this:ShareShare on FacebookClick to share on TwitterClick to share on LinkedIn

Source: Amazing how focal length affect shape of the face – Dan Vojtěch BLOG

Since I launched myself as a full-time photographer earlier this month, commissions have being coming in thick and fast. In between shoots, I’ve taken the opportunity to take casting headshots of some of the models. Voilà Gabi and her beautiful eyes. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit:


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes


An honorable Chelsea Pensioner I photographed in London last year . Thank you Sir.

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“Chiaroscuro” is a painting and drawing technique of light and shade, masterfully employed by one of my favourite painters – the 16th century Italian painter Caravaggio. Classic fine art painting informs a lot of my photography composition, light, etc. If you want to learn photography, I always suggest studying the work of old painting masters. They understood light perfectly. And if you understand light – you’re more than half way to being a master photographer. As always, I’m delighted my work has been selected by the Mobile Camera Club for this video showcase. Congrats to all the artists (particularly impressed with the work for this theme) And thanks to Nad, Leny and all for their commitment to bringing mobile photography to a wider audience.

Someone, somewhere stated that “Good is the enemy of great”. I’ve been fiddling with my new website for weeks trying to make peace between the two. A truce was called. Time to launch myself into my “second life”. Being an advertising art director for the last 25 years has been incredibly rewarding for me – but my real passion now is photography. When you are passionate about doing something,  you tend to do it well, and it shows in the work. Hopefully, my passion for photography will, in time, shine through. If you get a moment, I would appreciate you visiting the site and rummaging around. Please feel free to suggest ideas and thoughts about the site and how I could make it better. Good enough may be the enemy of great, but the will to get better is your best weapon in the fight to do great work.

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New Photography Website.

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