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Bowie by Duffy. A creative collaboration.

Chris Duffy, son of legendary fashion photographer Brian Duffy, guides us through the work of one of the most creative collaborations between a performing artist and photographer in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Their working partnership resulted in some of the most iconic album art ever conceived –  Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and Lodger.

David Bowie. An epic epitaph.

An epic epitaph. His last work takes on a totally new meaning knowing he knew. On his new album Blackstar, Bowie returned to musical themes he has been developing since the 60s – he had a deep interest and knowledge of occult gnostic practices. The world without David Bowie seems poorer. Less colourful. Less creative. Less interesting. The sountrack to our lives has stopped. Very sad. R.I.P. David Jones.

Thrills and Mystery from the Mobile Camera Club in Paris.

Delighted to have my ‘Doppelgänger’ iPhone image shot recently in Malta selected for the Paris Mobile Camera Club’s theme – Thriller and Mystery. As usual, some great work on display here from the mobile photography community dotted around the globe. Thanks to Nad iPhoneographer in Paris, and Roger Guetta in Montreal for the energy devoted to preparing and showcasing the work.

Doppelgänger © Sean Hayes

Doppelgänger © Sean Hayes


6 Different Photographers Were Told To Shoot The Same Man. The End Result Shocked Everyone | Dumpest

Over 30 years of working in advertising has thought me one thing. Everyone listens to their prejudices to the detriment of a possibly mythic ‘objective reality’. It’s only human. Imagine a world where everybody has the same thoughts and saw everybody and everything the same way. What a boring world that would be. Here’s to mythic misunderstanding and the humour it brings.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 15.57.35.png

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Source: 6 Different Photographers Were Told To Shoot The Same Man. The End Result Shocked Everyone | Dumpest

Christopher Nolan: How to Direct Your First Feature Film

Wim Wenders: Painter, Filmmaker, Photographer – YouTube

The German filmmaker Wim Wenders is a master image maker and storyteller. I’ve been reviewing his work this week, especially his 1984 movie ‘Paris, Texas’, and have marvelled at his use of photography to give the movie its power by creating a profound sense of place. Most movies are about character development and narrative and how they intertwine to tell a story. It’s rare for movie directors (John Ford’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’ and Orson Welles’ ‘Touch of Evil’ are two other examples that jump to mind) to give a starring role to places and landscapes in which the story unfolds. In this short interview, Wenders draws reference to ‘time’ as a guiding principle in creating his films and photography. Something I can relate to, having named my blog ‘Time Machine’ since its inception. I also relate to Wender’s being a painter, filmmaker and photographer and understanding that one informs the other to great effect. I have always maintained that photographers and filmmakers should study fine art painting to develop a deep understanding of framing, composition and light. Well worth watching.

The Mobile Camera Club Gallery Paris. Slideshow based on the theme of “Community”.

Pleased that my work is showcased alongside many great photographs for the Mobile Camera Club Gallery’s theme ‘Community’. Thx Nad – appreciate my selection. My image was taken at this year’s Bicentenary Battle of Waterloo re-ennactment here in Belgium. It appears at the end and is titled ‘Weekend Warriors’. For more images in the series, please visit my mobile photography site: