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Feeling honoured to be among the Honourable Mentions at IPPAWARDS 2016

My new photography website.

Someone, somewhere stated that “Good is the enemy of great”. I’ve been fiddling with my new website for weeks trying to make peace between the two. A truce was called. Time to launch myself into my “second life”. Being an advertising art director for the last 25 years has been incredibly rewarding for me – but my real passion now is photography. When you are passionate about doing something,  you tend to do it well, and it shows in the work. Hopefully, my passion for photography will, in time, shine through. If you get a moment, I would appreciate you visiting the site and rummaging around. Please feel free to suggest ideas and thoughts about the site and how I could make it better. Good enough may be the enemy of great, but the will to get better is your best weapon in the fight to do great work.

Link to site: http://seanhayesphotography.format.com

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New Photography Website.

Latest uploads to my mobile portraits tumblr site.

LG Electronics have kindly lent me their new G4 smartphone to test the camera for a project coming up later this month. I’ve being shooting with the LGG4 for about 5 weeks now and I must say I’m very impressed with its performance. It’s not the forum to go into a detailed breakdown of the technical features but suffice to say the 16MP rear-facing camera, coupled with a fixed F1.8 aperture, really does deliver remarkably high quality images. It also has the most powerful manual mode of all the smartphones out there. The portraits below were all shot using the LGG4 and processed with the Snapped photo app. I should point out that I only used the app to pump contrast a tad, converting images to B&W, and applying the tilt-shift tool on the colour portraits to add a shallow DOP – otherwise – WYSIWYG. I’ve been a committed iOS platform user since iPhoneography took off in 2007 – but this phone makes it seriously tempting to switch to android. The argument against the android platform by the mobile photography community has always been the lack of depth and breadth of its photo app offerings. This perceived weakness is no longer valid as the community matures and simplifies its approach and application of photo apps. The days of being excited by adding a coloured filter to a smartphone image are well and truly over. As the lines between what constitutes a smartphone photograph and the SLR variety continues to blur – this is the sharpest camera phone out there. Literally and figuratively.

If you would like to see more of my mobile photography portraits, please visit : http://seanmobileportraits.tumblr.com

The Seventh Seal © Sean Hayes

The Seventh Seal © Sean Hayes

Couleur Cafe © Sean Hayes

Couleur Cafe © Sean Hayes

Dylan © Sean Hayes

Dylan © Sean Hayes

Jasper © Sean Hayes

Jasper © Sean Hayes

Tuareg © Sean Hayes

Tuareg © Sean Hayes

Latest uploads to my mobile portraits site.

Mamy Mouyart. Latest upload to my mobile portraits website.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. TED2015’s short film festival

I’m a person who has always been interested in interesting people who say or make interesting things. Advertising used to be melting pot of these kind of people. Not so much anymore. I believe the art of short film making is where all the interesting stuff is being conceived and beaten into shape on laptops all around the world – sometimes on a shoestring budget. Historically, the price of producing slick audio-visual projects were prohibitively expensive and only the most dedicated – or maddest, pick your superlative – had the endurance to bring their visions to fruition. Today, thanks to affordable technology, the price of entry to this once exclusive club has dropped to almost zero. The only investment required is a belief in your own ability to make interesting things. That’s the good news. The bad news is you have to make or say something very, very, very interesting to break through the tsunami of sameness that infests our creative culture today. These films, I believe, are a good representation of what can be achieved creatively if one sets out with a good idea to start with – something that resonates with us as empathetic human beings. The film “Reach” by Luke Randall is a good example of storytelling that pulls on heart strings as well as electronic cables. Many people believe that technology is changing us and that we must keep up with technological change if we want to stay relevant. Rubbish. Our human responses to authenticity has always been the same – for countless generations. These films are authentic. That’s why they work so well. Artifice can only get you so far. Creativity about is building things that ring true. Short films used to be a “calling card” while prospecting for bigger projects. I believe they are now a standalone art form in and of themselves. Hope you agree. Enjoy.

Latest uploaded work to my #mobilephotography #portraits site.

Ozark Henry with The National Orchestra of Belgium @ Bozar Belgium. Photos by Sean Hayes.

I was invited by Sony Belgium to be Ozark Henry’s ‘social media photographer’ for his triumphant appearance with the ONB at the Bozar last week. These are the results. Pleased that I managed to capture a ‘narrative’ of the more candid and intimate backstage moments that can make a photograph work. I shot everything with an iPhone 6 (and a Sony7s) and used the Provoke photo app. No further processing. For more images from the evening and my music photography, please visit: http://seanhayesmusicphotography.tumblr.com


Piet backstage © Sean Hayes


Sold Out © Sean Hayes


Piet Interview © Sean Hayes

Piet_Interview_Bozar_Sean_Hayes ***

Piet Interview © Sean Hayes


Encore © Sean Hayes


Piet prepares © Sean Hayes


Laura Backstage © Sean Hayes


Musicians © Sean Hayes


Bozar Auditorium © Sean Hayes

New iPhonic Art Show To Open Next Month at Markham Vineyards Gallery in St. Helena, CA – P1xels

Very pleased to be invited by Knox Bronson over at P1xels to take part in a year-long exhibition of iPhonic Art at the Markham Vineyards Gallery in California. Equally pleased to see some familiar names among those chosen by Knox to exhibit their work. Talented artists one and all. Like many in the iPhoneography community, I am continually impressed by Knox’s commitment and dedication to the iPhonic arts movement. Knox was the first person to post one of my iPhone photographs online, way back in 2010, and I still remember the thrill of seeing my submission posted on his site http://www.pixelsatanexhibition.com  The site also introduced me to the work of fellow iphoneographers like Roger Guetta, Klaudia Cechin, Paul Moore, Clint Cline, Cindy Patrick and many, many other talented artists whose work really impressed me and continues to do so.
My submission for the exhibition is “Angel Wings” which I shot on a recent visit back to Dublin, Ireland. It was a beautiful sunny day with a low autumn light bathing the city. I only noticed the reflected “wings” when I started to process the image with a fantastic B&W app called Camera Noir. Serendipity is the lifeblood of photography. The photograph is posted below. If you are in the Napa Valley area of California during 2015, make a point of visiting the gallery in St.Helena – sixty or so artists will be on show and I’m sure you will be blown away with the quality of the work.

Link to details about the gallery and exhibition: http://www.pixelsatanexhibition.com/articles/new-iphonic-art-show-to-open-next-month-at-markham-vineyards-gallery-in-st-helena-ca/

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes

My ePortfolio of mobile photography for the Mobile Masters MacWorld San Francisco March 26 2014