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Homage to Horst.

Maureen. Belgian Actress.

Latest portrait work April 2017.

I love to make portraits of interesting people. And April has been a very interesting month indeed. ¬†Artists, musicians and actresses. Their talent and beauty shines through. Thanks to all who helped to make it happen. Makeup for AHOUKa & Maureen shoot,¬†Florence Thonet. Stylisme for AHOUHKa, Bea Pendesini. May? Onwards and upwards ūüôāSean_Hayes_Photographer_African Queen_AHOUHKa .jpgCedric_Drums_O.R.A. .jpgSean_Hayes_Photographer_March 2.jpg


Gabi: Latest work posted to my photography website.

Since I launched myself as a full-time photographer earlier this month, commissions have being coming in thick and fast. In between shoots, I’ve taken the opportunity to take¬†casting headshots of some of the models. Voil√† Gabi and her beautiful eyes. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit:¬†http://seanhayesphotography.format.com


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes

Awesome Autumn ¬© Sean Hayes

Playboy Won‚Äôt Feature Nude Women. This Is Not a Victory for Feminism

Women are beautiful. Even the straightest of straight women will willingly acknowledge the female form is sublime. Eroticism gets a bad rap because of the power it wields. Sex is power. Power is a zero sum game? People who are interested in power, male or female, will willingly agree. People who understand that eroticism is the greatest expression of human creativity will see things differently. Porn is ubiquitous. Eroticism is an endangered species. Playboy, for all its detractors, understood the difference between the two. Porn is alive and well and celebrates subjugation. Great erotic photography is rare and is a celebration of life. Nuance?

Or for anti-porn activists

Source: Playboy Won’t Feature Nude Women. This Is Not a Victory for Feminism

Park Life. A short film by Sean Hayes.

Park Life. A park in a Brussels suburb. Peace and quiet? Is silence really that silent? I worked harder on perfecting the sound of this short film than the images. We Iive in a a media saturated world with a never-ending stream of information screaming for our attention. Nature’s whispers can be just as compelling. All we have to do is listen.

Latest uploads to my mobile photography site.

Bare fund:it Campaign by photographer Trevor Hart.

Marion © Trevor Hart

Marion © Trevor Hart

Grace © Trevor Hart

Grace © Trevor Hart

Sally © Trevor Hart

Sally © Trevor Hart

BARE is a project by photographer, Trevor Hart. It began in 2011 and explores the personal expression of 20 women ageing from 21 to 53 who volunteered to be photographed nude in Trevor’s studio. None of the images have been manipulated or retouched and celebrate the natural beauty and uniqueness of every woman’s body. The history, surgery, illness, recovery and¬†health, all expressed in a very feminine and personal way. The lighting is directional yet gentle and soft and emulates light from a window to describe¬†the shape of a shoulder, the neck, an arm or the breasts, not trying to draw the eye in a particular direction but creating a very private¬†mood in which to view. This mood captures the intimacy of each of the sittings and each woman¬†has written of her experience describing an overwhelming feeling of fear at first, then growing confidence, empowerment and happiness within themselves.
The BARE book will be launched at the RHA in Dublin on October 9 2014 and a showing of 16 large digital prints in frames will be on show there until Saturday October 11. The profits from each book sale (Min donation of ‚ā¨40) will go to Dress For Success¬†http://www.dressforsuccessdublin.org/¬†which is an international organisation which helps women in need of help, back in to the workforce with¬†interview and CV skills training, and the all important interview outfit. The fund-it campaign was launched yesterday to cover the cost of printing the book and there are a number of rewards. In addition to digital prints, from ‚ā¨25, ¬†the book (‚ā¨45 inc postage in Ireland, ‚ā¨57 international postage) and the book plus an invite to the launch (‚ā¨90) Trevor will photograph you in his studio from ‚ā¨500. Form an orderly queue ladies (and gents if thats what it takes!)

Aerial Artistry by Tim Sessler

Most of us look out of an aircraft window with a mixture of boredom and apprehension. Not cinematographer Tim Sessler. He sees beauty. ‘Drift’ is a short film he shot while flying between San Francisco and Philadelphia earlier this year. The results are poetic. Enjoy.

Personal website for Tim: http://timsessler.com