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New work uploaded to website.

Dave Gahan, lead singer of the British electronic band, Depeche Mode in concert.

Personal Jesus: Further work submitted for the Smithsonian Rock ‘n’ Roll book project.

Dave Gahan, lead singer of the British electronic band, Depeche Mode in concert.

Personal Jesus © Sean Hayes


Strangelove @ Sean Hayes


Master and servants © Sean Hayes


The Smithsonian is putting together a book project compiling a compendium of crowdsourced rock n’ roll photography. This has given me a wonderful incentive to do something I’ve been procrastinating about for quite a while. Namely, going back through my many concert pictures, with fresh eyes, and picking out some of my work that might merit publication in a book planned for publication in 2017. I have submitted the above concert work this morning and am currently waiting for confirmation of approval. The concert shots are of British electronic band Depeche Mode in Antwerp in early 2014. To be honest, their Ultra album released in 1997, remains the only body of work from Depeche Mode that I have ever bought and listened to. Some great raw tracks on that album – more raucous rock than the gentler synth pop that usually defines them. If you are interested in seeing more of my R’n’R photography that has meet the criteria for approval by the Smithsonian, please visit : http://rockandroll.si.edu/photocontest/user/sean-hayes-1/

Tim Vanhamel. Belgian musician. | Smithsonian Institution Rock and Roll

No More Heroes. The Stranglers in concert @ Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium. Nov. 2015.

Jean-Jacques_Burnel_The Stranglers_Het_Depot_Leuven_Belgium_Nov_2015

JJ © Sean Hayes


Baz © Sean Hayes


Baz © Sean Hayes


JJ © Sean Hayes


I was fortunate enough to be invited by Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium to be the “instagrammer” photographer for a recent concert of iconic punk band The Stranglers. In between shooting with a mobile phone and uploading instantly to the instagram account of Het Depot, I managed to shoot some hi-res images with my Sony a7s. As for the scowl in the last shot of bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel: I deserved it. JJ spotted me with my face buried in my mobile phone. He read it as someone disrespectful of the music and made his feeling known by ‘gently’ placing the sole of his immaculately polished Doc Martin shoe on the top of my head. Warning noted. He smiled. I smiled. What he didn’t know was that I was frantically uploading concert photos and footage to the concert venue’s Instagram account. Shoot. Edit. Upload. Social media has its perils. Especially if a very fit karate master takes umbrage. The Stranglers deserve respect. They’ve earned audiences’ complete attention with some of the best synth punk sounds ever written. Apologies JJ. Great gig.