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Another copy right or wrong debate. This time the debate is about your right to share your favourite city travel snaps on social media. It’s called the ‘freedom of panorama’  and it grants you the unrestricted permission to use photos of cityscapes without infringing the rights of the architect or designer. Now, a new European directive could take away that right. Read on. And please do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Link to article: If you want to keep sharing photos for free, read this | Jimmy Wales | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Well worth reading if you’ve had your photographic work “used” without your permission or compensation. A perpetual problem that is getting worse.  Link to article: Mastering Photo » What to do when someone steals your photos?.


Big photographic story of the day. Back in 1995, I remember reading an article in Wired Magazine about the emerging information economy and its utopian vision, at the time, that all goods and services would eventual be free. Back to the future methinks. Any photographers out there in professional land have an opinion about this development?  Getty Images makes 35 million images free in fight against copyright infringement » British Journal of Photography.

Again – not strictly a post about photography, but if you have been following my recent posts concerning the emerging digital landscape and its ramifications for creative and artistic expression, you will know it’s a subject I feel very passionate about. The trailer above is for a documentary about Google’s ambitious plan to scan and document every book, ever written – and ignore copyright in the process. This has implications for all intellectual property: including photography. Who owns the future? Will I be prosecuted by Google for copyright infringement by using the word “future©” in a sentence? Who owns what and why? We are on the cusp of a new digital civilisation where intellectual copyright means jack shit. Monsanto and Big Pharma are busily patenting the very stuff of life itself (DNA) and artists are being informed they do not own their own thoughts or creations – it’s all just derivative thinking from past masters. Time to reassess our priorities methinks; if it’s not already too late.

Daniel Morel photographed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, directly after the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010

Sometimes social media runs roughshod over social justice. Sometimes not. A court case puts the ‘right’ back into copyright.

Link: Haitian Photographer Wins Major U.S. Copyright Victory –

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