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Playboy Won’t Feature Nude Women. This Is Not a Victory for Feminism

Women are beautiful. Even the straightest of straight women will willingly acknowledge the female form is sublime. Eroticism gets a bad rap because of the power it wields. Sex is power. Power is a zero sum game? People who are interested in power, male or female, will willingly agree. People who understand that eroticism is the greatest expression of human creativity will see things differently. Porn is ubiquitous. Eroticism is an endangered species. Playboy, for all its detractors, understood the difference between the two. Porn is alive and well and celebrates subjugation. Great erotic photography is rare and is a celebration of life. Nuance?

Or for anti-porn activists

Source: Playboy Won’t Feature Nude Women. This Is Not a Victory for Feminism

Happy Valentine’s Day: The beautiful erotic art photography of M. Alberich Mathews

To everything, a season © M. Alberich Mathews

To everything, a season © M. Alberich Mathews

I’ve been a big admirer of Alberich’s photography on his flickr feed for some time now. I call him the Titian of the photographic world. He creates beautifully poetic underwater portraits of sirens and nymphs from Greek mythology that have more than a passing resemblance to the work of the great 16th century Venetian fine art painter of flesh: Tiziano Vecellio – more commonly known as Titian. The photographer himself remains a bit of an enigma. I attempted to contact him regarding my wish to showcase his work on this blog, but have received no word back. Neither can I glean any personal information about Alberich on the internets. However, I think his work speaks more than eloquently for him. Please check out his flickr feed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alberich/


Danae by Titian