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AHOUHka. African Queen. Artist. Brussels April 2017

I’ve been working on promotional photography and design for a very interesting musician over the last couple of months. Originally from the Ivory Coast, AHOUHKa combines Ivorian traditional rhythmic sounds with electro music beats. Her hybrid approach to composing and performing her songs have resulted in a very inventive and original sound. AHOUHKa’s eclectic musical approach, in collaboration with composer Johan Blontrock, could be justifiable compared to the working methodology of Brian Eno or the creative soundscapes of Björk; who both constantly strive to redefine what a song or compositional sound can be. These same searching qualities are to be found in AHOUHKa’s music. Wishing AHOUHKa and her management team the very best of luck with the launch of her innovative and enchanting sound.
Link to AHOUHKa’s promotional site: https://www.ahouhka.com

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Gabi: Latest work posted to my photography website.

Since I launched myself as a full-time photographer earlier this month, commissions have being coming in thick and fast. In between shoots, I’ve taken the opportunity to take casting headshots of some of the models. Voilà Gabi and her beautiful eyes. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit: http://seanhayesphotography.format.com


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes


Gabi © Sean Hayes

Bowie by Duffy. A creative collaboration.

Chris Duffy, son of legendary fashion photographer Brian Duffy, guides us through the work of one of the most creative collaborations between a performing artist and photographer in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Their working partnership resulted in some of the most iconic album art ever conceived –  Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and Lodger.

Spring Summer by John Lindquist


Spring/Summer ©John Lindquist

A short film about the even shorter life of a top fashion model. A fashion model’s career span often resembles that of a Mayfly – here today, gone tomorrow. We treasure beauty precisely because of its transience. The Faustian pact that is made by many a nascent beauty entering the glamorous world of fashion photography inevitably has a sting in the devil’s tail. One may get to keep knowledge and power – but youthful beauty is only on loan. A skillfully directed film by British photographer John Lindquist. And it’s filmed on the Italian Amalfi coast – one of my favourite places on earth.


Shorts on Sundays: Spring Summer – NOWNESS.