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Smile. It’s only photography.

Johannes Vermeer: Painter or Photographer?

One of my favourite painters is subjugated to a very interesting experiment that goes beyond the hypothesis of the camera obscura. The photorealism of his work might have employed the fundamentals of photography – 150 years before its invention.

Mosh Pit Madness by Dan Witz

Byronesque © Dan Witz

Byronesque © Dan Witz

Witz’s work is fine art painting and this is supposed to be a blog with a strict remit to celebrate the best in photography – but I don’t care. I’m posting this. His work is brilliant. His large, epic canvases are reminiscent of old master painting techniques, combined with a kind of HDR photorealism. And did I mentioned I think his work is brilliant.

Link to galllery exhibition of his work in NY: http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/?method=Exhibit.ExhibitDescription&ExhibitID=4E99DF8B-B0E5-82CE-8C5D60A91FD239F4

“What is a Photograph?”

With the increasing ubiquity of photographers and photographs, it was only a question of time before the fine art community posed the question: “What is a Photograph?” Interesting article from the nytimes about redefining photography in the modern age. Another semantics battle methinks: more for the benefit of curators and collectors who need to put things in quantifiable boxes with neat labels for financial reasons. Creators just want to create – others want to define.

Link: With Cameras Optional, New Directions in Photography – NYTimes.com.