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Deconstructing the many myths of Digital Marketing: A lecture by Mark Ritson.

Every once in a while, I post something on this blog that’s not about photography. But it is, nonetheless, a kind of snapshot. A snapshot of the marketing/advertising business that’s in serious turmoil. People who are only of the ‘money persuasion’ would guffaw at the above statement as ad spend by brand managers worldwide is off the charts: $660.88 billion forecasted for 2016.  And climbing.

(source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/237797/total-global-advertising-revenue/ )

Someone, somewhere, is getting very rich – but somehow the business ‘feels’ poorer. I know digital marketing doyens tend to shun sappy sentiment in favour of algorithmic assuredness – but they are missing that ‘magic’ ingredient that makes our business work: Empathy. Humans are messy and irrational creatures. Machines only understand logic and binary code. A marriage made in communication hell.

Using ‘colourful’ language, marketing ‘guru’, Mark Ritson, spells out in black and white the many myths of digital marketing. Well worth an hour of your online time.

NB*  I’ve just noticed the uploaded video is taking considerable time to convert. In the meantime here is the link to the original YT page:  https://youtu.be/IJF7C1jvjXM

The iPhone Arts: Searching for Answers and Meaning on Mobile Photography

Nice article on Egmont van Dyck’s blog about the future of photography and mobile photography in particular. Timely questions. A fashion fad or a genuine artistic movement of historical proportions?  I think the script is still in development (pun intended) and the anthropological implications are still unclear. Yet, we should never forget the dismissive title of ‘Amateur’, used frequently by our professional brethren to describe the phenomenal explosion in the number of people taking photographs, means ‘to love’, if one does a quick etymological search.  When you love what you do or make – you automatically imbue it with meaning that resonates with our common humanity. A reasonable definition, I believe, of what art is, or can be. Worth a read.

Link: http://www.theiphonearts.com/2015/03/searching-for-answers-and-meaning-on.html

Human Creativity © Google

Again – not strictly a post about photography, but if you have been following my recent posts concerning the emerging digital landscape and its ramifications for creative and artistic expression, you will know it’s a subject I feel very passionate about. The trailer above is for a documentary about Google’s ambitious plan to scan and document every book, ever written – and ignore copyright in the process. This has implications for all intellectual property: including photography. Who owns the future? Will I be prosecuted by Google for copyright infringement by using the word “future©” in a sentence? Who owns what and why? We are on the cusp of a new digital civilisation where intellectual copyright means jack shit. Monsanto and Big Pharma are busily patenting the very stuff of life itself (DNA) and artists are being informed they do not own their own thoughts or creations – it’s all just derivative thinking from past masters. Time to reassess our priorities methinks; if it’s not already too late.