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ANTHOTYPES: Ephemeral Photography by Nettie Edwards.

© Nettie Edwards

Life is but an illusion of permanency. Our consumer culture sells us the promise of health, wealth and happiness as not only being easily obtainable, but once acquired, will remain in our possession indefinitely. The passage of time proves otherwise, yet we still cling to the fantasy that perpetuity is inherent to certain things. Photography being a perfect example: A moment frozen in time. Something you can “own”. Forever.  The ethereal images of the British artist, Nettie Edwards, questions this assumption. Using an old photographic printing technique called ‘Anthotypes’, Nettie creates beautiful photos and prints of flowers and plants using light sensitive material from plants themselves. A beautiful conceptual construct that becomes even more compelling when we realise, just like plants themselves, they are fleeting – there is no known way to permanently fix the images. They give enormous joy and delight for a short period of time – and then they disappear. Analogous to life itself. Photography that truly represents the transitory nature of reality. Please visit Nettie’s blog to discover more of her work and fascinating print processes with plants. Link: ANTHOTYPES.

Heroic Rose © Sean Hayes

Picture of a rose

Heroic Rose © Sean Hayes

A rose is rose is a rose, as the American avant-garde poet, Gertrude Stein, famously wrote. In other words, a rose just is what it is. Taoism describes it as “Isness” or “Suchness”. But there shouldn’t be a rose there at all. It’s cold and wet here in Belgium and a single rose in my front garden is bravely battling the elements with stoic heroism. Qualities I admire in all sentient life. Qualities that I tried to capture in the photograph.