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Bowie by Duffy. A creative collaboration.

Chris Duffy, son of legendary fashion photographer Brian Duffy, guides us through the work of one of the most creative collaborations between a performing artist and photographer in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Their working partnership resulted in some of the most iconic album art ever conceived –  Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and Lodger.

Iconic Portrait Photos Throughout History Recreated with John Malkovich as the Subject

La retouche photographique, 60 ans avant Photoshop

Comforting to know that even the most iconic of photographs and photographers were not adverse to a little retouching here and there. As Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photography, you make it.” Photographic philistines take note when judging people who employ photo apps to enhance their mobile photographic work. 

Link to article: La retouche photographique, 60 ans avant Photoshop.

Iconic photographs in Lego. Mike Stimpson Photography