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Bentley shoots and edits their latest commercial with only iPhones and iPads.

It had to happen. It’s happened. Luxurious car maker, Bentley, shoots a short film entirely with iPhones and edits using iMovie on an iPad Air. More of a commercial for Apple one would think. The result is interesting enough to bring a rather pedestrian script to life. It looks different from most car commercials – an achievement in of itself – most car scripts and productions are so predictable boring these days. The gimmick of using iPhones etc. is a bit disingenuous, as little attention is given to the use of expensive lenses and equally expensive camera crews, who are seasoned professionals, who know what they are doing. Professional people make things look good, not professional gear. Sorry gearheads.

For more on the story: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/one-worlds-most-expensive-auto-brands-just-shot-ad-entirely-iphones-157980

Panorama Series © Sean Hayes

One of my favourite photo apps for iPhone is called AutoStitch Panorama from Cloudburst Research. While the iOS 6 version of iPhone/iPad has this feature built in – using the app on the older models can result in some interesting and unexpected effects. Below is a series of panoramas that I’ve put together over the past couple of years. Hope you like the series of images – and should you like one of the images enough to want a pristine print on your wall, please write to me at shonski50@me.com and we’ll chat about print sizes, prices and shipping arrangements. Thank you for your visit.

Flanders Field Belgium

Flanders Field © Sean Hayes

Watercolour Series Belgium

Watercolour Series 1 © Sean Hayes

Watercolour Series Belgium

Watercolour Series 2 © Sean Hayes

Brussels Grand Place Belgium

Brussels Cubist © Sean Hayes

Brussels Bistro Belgium

Brussels Bistro © Sean Hayes