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Feeling honoured to be among the Honourable Mentions at IPPAWARDS 2016

Poetry by Patrick Chapman. Photography by Sean Hayes.


I was invited by Irish poet, writer and screenwriter – Patrick Chapman – to contribute cover photography for his latest collection of poetry; titled ‘Slow Clocks of Decay’. Delighted to do so. The shot selected is of a forlorn rose in my garden on a cold winter’s day. I admired its fortitude in the face of diminishing odds of surviving the north-easterly winds buffeting our garden and decided to capture the rose’s plight in photography. Admiration is also in order for Patrick’s latest work of poetry. As the sleeve notes succinctly states, Patrick’s seventh poetry collection succeeds in ‘Exploring universal themes through the lens of his remarkable imagination’. I’ve selected a poem from the collection that encompasses the transient themes of Patrick’s work. The impermanence of everything. If you are interested in discovering more of Patrick’s work, please follow the link: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop-search.php


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.53.10

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.54.18


No More Heroes. The Stranglers in concert @ Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium. Nov. 2015.

Jean-Jacques_Burnel_The Stranglers_Het_Depot_Leuven_Belgium_Nov_2015

JJ © Sean Hayes


Baz © Sean Hayes


Baz © Sean Hayes


JJ © Sean Hayes


I was fortunate enough to be invited by Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium to be the “instagrammer” photographer for a recent concert of iconic punk band The Stranglers. In between shooting with a mobile phone and uploading instantly to the instagram account of Het Depot, I managed to shoot some hi-res images with my Sony a7s. As for the scowl in the last shot of bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel: I deserved it. JJ spotted me with my face buried in my mobile phone. He read it as someone disrespectful of the music and made his feeling known by ‘gently’ placing the sole of his immaculately polished Doc Martin shoe on the top of my head. Warning noted. He smiled. I smiled. What he didn’t know was that I was frantically uploading concert photos and footage to the concert venue’s Instagram account. Shoot. Edit. Upload. Social media has its perils. Especially if a very fit karate master takes umbrage. The Stranglers deserve respect. They’ve earned audiences’ complete attention with some of the best synth punk sounds ever written. Apologies JJ. Great gig.

Alive and Kicking. Simple Minds @ Lotto Arena Antwerp, Belgium. Nov.15th 2015.


Jim Kerr Simple Minds © Sean Hayes


Just uploaded a series of shots from the concert to my music photography tumblr site. If you’re a fan, I suggest a visit: http://seanhayesmusicphotography.tumblr.com

I remember seeing Simple Minds straight off the boat from Scotland at the SFX theatre in Dublin circa 1979. Kerr seemed shy and retiring. Still hadn’t found his ebullient stage persona. Then followed them into superstardom with an amazing concert at the Phoenix Park Racecourse Dublin in ’83. Blew me away – best band of the day. And they had competition; U2, Eurythmics, Big Country, Steel Pulse. The concert sound mixers did a great job in retaining the musicality of the nascent stadium anthems off their New Gold Dream album. Sound was pure and nuanced. Caught them again at various venues in Paris and Brussels during the late 80s and 90s. They were awful supporting the Stones at Wechter Belgium 1998 (Nobody’s perfect:). Then back to Brussels in 2010 and again last Sunday night in Antwerp. Simple Minds are very much alive and kicking after more than 30 years of writing, recording and performing some of the best music in Rock ‘n’ Roll. You probably guessing I’m a huge fan. And you’d be right:)

IPPAWARDS | 9th Annual iPhone Photography Awards™ | Celebrating the creativity of the iPhone users since 2007

The Pickled Body. Issue 2.1 Quantum. Photography by Sean Hayes

I was invited by Irish author Patrick Chapman to submit photographic work for the latest edition of The Pickled Body, a quarterly online poetry and art magazine. I submitted 4 images of roses which I shot and processed on my iPhone. If you are a fan of poetry, I recommend a visit: http://thepickledbody.com/2015/04/01/the-cover-for-issue-2-1-quantum/  If you are interested in finding out more about the editors of The Pickled Body please follow the link below: http://philipcummins.com/2013/11/28/interview-patrick-chapman-dimitra-xidous-editors-of-the-pickled-body/

New iPhonic Art Show To Open Next Month at Markham Vineyards Gallery in St. Helena, CA – P1xels

Very pleased to be invited by Knox Bronson over at P1xels to take part in a year-long exhibition of iPhonic Art at the Markham Vineyards Gallery in California. Equally pleased to see some familiar names among those chosen by Knox to exhibit their work. Talented artists one and all. Like many in the iPhoneography community, I am continually impressed by Knox’s commitment and dedication to the iPhonic arts movement. Knox was the first person to post one of my iPhone photographs online, way back in 2010, and I still remember the thrill of seeing my submission posted on his site http://www.pixelsatanexhibition.com  The site also introduced me to the work of fellow iphoneographers like Roger Guetta, Klaudia Cechin, Paul Moore, Clint Cline, Cindy Patrick and many, many other talented artists whose work really impressed me and continues to do so.
My submission for the exhibition is “Angel Wings” which I shot on a recent visit back to Dublin, Ireland. It was a beautiful sunny day with a low autumn light bathing the city. I only noticed the reflected “wings” when I started to process the image with a fantastic B&W app called Camera Noir. Serendipity is the lifeblood of photography. The photograph is posted below. If you are in the Napa Valley area of California during 2015, make a point of visiting the gallery in St.Helena – sixty or so artists will be on show and I’m sure you will be blown away with the quality of the work.

Link to details about the gallery and exhibition: http://www.pixelsatanexhibition.com/articles/new-iphonic-art-show-to-open-next-month-at-markham-vineyards-gallery-in-st-helena-ca/

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes

Angel Wings © Sean Hayes