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I watch therefore I am: seven movies that teach us key philosophy lessons | Film | The Guardian

Ida. Cinematographer Lukasz Zal.

Ida. Cinematographer Lukasz Zal.

I’ve tagged this compelling post under the title of Cinematography, which is, admittedly, stretching the remit of my blog a bit, but an article from today’s British Guardian merits attention. Although two of the films mentioned – “Ida” and “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring” – are beyond sublime cinematographically and deserve more than a mere footnote, the real reason I’ve reposted is to share the central premise of the article: Movies matter. We live in an age where most of our cultural gatekeepers have been demoted by a digital democracy championing an understanding that everything is now commodity: A sense that it doesn’t matter what you make so long as it satisfies a market need or want. This is unfortunate. The best movies, like the best art, usually come out of left field – uninvited and unexpected. The market is like a two-way mirror. The market is never surprised. It only observes. It consumes – never creates. Great movies, on the other hand, are always mirrors of who we are inside. The movies mentioned in the article are great movies. Worth a read. Link to article:  I watch therefore I am: seven movies that teach us key philosophy lessons | Film | The Guardian.

Johannes Vermeer: Painter or Photographer?

One of my favourite painters is subjugated to a very interesting experiment that goes beyond the hypothesis of the camera obscura. The photorealism of his work might have employed the fundamentals of photography – 150 years before its invention.