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Congrats to all the winners and honourable mentions. A big shout out to Daniel Berman and the judges – A global awards show with world-class standards.  Link to site:


Someone, somewhere stated that “Good is the enemy of great”. I’ve been fiddling with my new website for weeks trying to make peace between the two. A truce was called. Time to launch myself into my “second life”. Being an advertising art director for the last 25 years has been incredibly rewarding for me – but my real passion now is photography. When you are passionate about doing something,  you tend to do it well, and it shows in the work. Hopefully, my passion for photography will, in time, shine through. If you get a moment, I would appreciate you visiting the site and rummaging around. Please feel free to suggest ideas and thoughts about the site and how I could make it better. Good enough may be the enemy of great, but the will to get better is your best weapon in the fight to do great work.

Link to site:

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New Photography Website.

© Nettie Edwards

Life is but an illusion of permanency. Our consumer culture sells us the promise of health, wealth and happiness as not only being easily obtainable, but once acquired, will remain in our possession indefinitely. The passage of time proves otherwise, yet we still cling to the fantasy that perpetuity is inherent to certain things. Photography being a perfect example: A moment frozen in time. Something you can “own”. Forever.  The ethereal images of the British artist, Nettie Edwards, questions this assumption. Using an old photographic printing technique called ‘Anthotypes’, Nettie creates beautiful photos and prints of flowers and plants using light sensitive material from plants themselves. A beautiful conceptual construct that becomes even more compelling when we realise, just like plants themselves, they are fleeting – there is no known way to permanently fix the images. They give enormous joy and delight for a short period of time – and then they disappear. Analogous to life itself. Photography that truly represents the transitory nature of reality. Please visit Nettie’s blog to discover more of her work and fascinating print processes with plants. Link: ANTHOTYPES.

Paris © Sean Hayes

Paris © Sean Hayes

Shooter © Sean Hayes

Shooter © Sean Hayes

Hobbist © Sean Hayes

Hobbyist © Sean Hayes

Link to the site:

A big thanks to Mobile Camera Club , Roger Guetta and Nad Iphoneographer for selecting two of my nature images to be exhibited in their gallery in Paris from the 9th of April onwards. The standard of photography continues to excel in the mobile photography community and the above video of selected artists and their work is proof of this trend. Congratulations to all the artists chosen and hopefully see you all at the gallery on the 9th. Link:

An Underwater Spell © Simon McCheung

An Underwater Spell © Simon McCheung













A photographic competition that looks like a lot of fun.

Link to entry details: The Motion Photography Prize in Association with Google+.

Don’t forget – get your entries in before the 3 December. This world-renowned award competition has rapidly become the reference for the mobile photography fraternity. Quality prizes and judges.

Daniel Berman and the 2013 Mobile Photo Awards.

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