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Break Line: Stephanie Gilmore by Todd Cole

The Pixel Painting Series: Ireland © Sean Hayes


Connemara Lakes © Sean Hayes

There is something special about photographing in Ireland. The light moves and dances across the landscapes due to myriad of weather fronts that roll across Ireland from the Atlantic. This unceasing conveyor belt of unpredictable air keeps the the atmosphere clear of dust particles that gives the light its special quality. Always a dream to shoot in Ireland – and I hope I captured something of this mystical land in my work. I also hope you like the series of images – and should you like one of the images enough to want a pristine print on your wall, please write to me at shonski50@me.com and we’ll chat about print sizes, prices and shipping arrangements. Thank you for your visit.


Kish Lighthouse © Sean Hayes

Killiney_Beach_Sean_Hayes Killiney Beach © Sean Hayes[/caption]


Killiney Bay © Sean Hayes


Blessington Lakes © Sean Hayes


Wicklow Mountains © Sean Hayes


Coliemore Harbour © Sean Hayes


Brittas Beach © Sean Hayes