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Latest photos uploaded to my mobile photography site. All images copyright of Sean Hayes.

Isness © Sean Hayes

My ePortfolio of mobile photography for the Mobile Masters MacWorld San Francisco March 26 2014

AnimaAnimus © Sean Hayes 2012

Randoms: Kat © Sean Hayes

Art of Battle @ Painterly Mobile Art Monday

Toy Soldiers: Battle of Waterloo reenactment 2013 © Sean Hayes

Toy Soldiers: Battle of Waterloo reenactment 2013 © Sean Hayes

Link to site: http://www.artofmob.blogspot.be

Very pleased to have headed up this week’s selection of ‘Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 22’ on Geri Centonze’s site with my Battle of Waterloo image. Nice selection of work and shows how versatile and creative mobile photographers can be with a variety of textural photo apps. For further images in the series, please visit: https://seanski50.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/randoms-toy-soldiers-series-sean-hayes-2013/

Portrait of my niece © Sean Hayes

 photo of Ashling Hayes

Portrait of my niece © Sean Hayes

Many of you have remarked how my photography work reminds them of oil paintings by the old masters. I always take these remarks as the greatest of compliments because I have a deep love of painting and painters and have spent many years studying, in detail, how they handle light and composition to create their masterpieces. In fact, I would highly recommend that any aspiring photographer take a course in life drawing, painting and/or the history of art to improve their photographic skills. Learning how to “see” is essential to mastering any visual medium, and the old masters were masterful at understanding how light and composition combine to create sublime imagery: photography is no different. One painter that I am particularly interested in at the moment, is the German Symbolist and Art Nouveau artist, Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928). I admire his draughtsmanship and dramatic use of light. I am particularly enamoured with his rather formal portrait work; beautiful profiles with ornate textural clothing. The portrait above, of my niece Ashling, is heavily influenced by Von Stuck’s approach to light and composition. Below, is a painting by Von Stuck, called, Cinderella. The Symbolists were heavily influenced by mythology and romanticism; a perfect theme to portray the emerging beauty of my niece.

Cinderella © Franz Von Stuck

Cinderella © Franz Von Stuck