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With the increasing ubiquity of photographers and photographs, it was only a question of time before the fine art community posed the question: “What is a Photograph?” Interesting article from the nytimes about redefining photography in the modern age. Another semantics battle methinks: more for the benefit of curators and collectors who need to put things in quantifiable boxes with neat labels for financial reasons. Creators just want to create – others want to define.

Link: With Cameras Optional, New Directions in Photography –

Detritus Series © Sean Hayes

Detritus Series © Sean Hayes

This is another photograph in the series of images I shot last autumn depicting decomposition of leaves and various pieces of detritus that nature has discarded. While the subject matter may seem rather melancholic and brings our attention to the impermanence of things, it is also a promise of new life to come. Nothing new can exist or come into being without space being created through the destruction of what has been. A metaphor for the morphosis that affects many aspects of our lives and loves. Hope you like the image – and should you like it enough to want a pristine print on your wall, please write to me at and we’ll chat about print sizes, prices and shipping arrangements. Thank you for your visit.

  I don't, intentionally, do a lot of street shooting; preferring the quiet solitude and calming contemplation of landscape photography - but now and again, a subject or situation presents itself that is a gift for a photographer. I was walking the streets of central London when this 'Angel' on a skateboard appeared out of nowhere. This wasn't a commercial or film shoot in progress - she just skated by with a nonchalant air. Click. Hope you like the image I shot that day – and should you like one of the images enough to want a pristine print on your wall, please write to me at and we’ll chat about print sizes, prices and shipping arrangements. Thank you for your visit.

Sean Hayes Harvest

Harvest © Sean Hayes (2012)

It’s competition time again over at the annual Mobile Photography Awards. Going into its third year, the MPA is an international open call for photographs and images created on smartphones and tablets with a Grand Prize this year of 3,000 dollars. I was very pleased to have received an honorable mention in the Landscape Category last year for my image ‘Harvest’ and I will definitely be entering work this year. It is a very well organised event and I recommend that you should consider entering your mobile photographic work. For entry details please see the link below.

Link: 3rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards | The Mobile Photography Awards.

I have ambivalent feelings towards Anton Corbijn. On one hand, I respect his talent for producing some of the most intimate and revealing portraits of rock royalty during the last few decades. On the other hand, I remember being left gasping for air when I received his quote for a Wall Street Journal Europe advertising campaign that I had written and I wanted him to shoot the portraits of European business leaders. In retrospect, he was probably worth every penny – but it wasn’t my money to spend. Opportunity missed. Worth a read.


Anton Corbijn | The Talks.

U2 Anton Corbijn

U2 © Anton Corbijn

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