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The world’s weirdest photo albums | Art and design | The Guardian

Big Brother likes your photos.

Google most geotagged photos of 2013

Most geotagged photos of 2013

Today, Google released an interactive ‘hotspots’ world map of the the most geotagged photos of 2013. Fascinating and a little addictive. One day soon, everything in the world that can be photographed, from every conceivable angle, will be available on a database somewhere. Possible applications  of this technology? Future archaeologists will be able to build very accurate 3D simulations of our early 21st century world – a kind of Star Trek holodeck for future time tourists. Just a thought. Follow the link: http://www.sightsmap.com/

Anybody Seen My Photographs Baby?


Photographic time capsules seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. After the relatively recent discovery of a photographic treasure trove of images from the American street photographer Vivian Maier, comes another ‘shoebox in the attic’ discovery; this time, early photographs of The Rolling Stones on their 1965 American tour. Photographer unknown. Click on the link for more details.


Iconic photographs in Lego. Mike Stimpson Photography