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Homage to Horst.

Photography & Design project for Ivorian musician AHOUHka.

I’ve been working on promotional photography and design for a very interesting musician over the last couple of months. Originally from the Ivory Coast, AHOUHKa combines Ivorian traditional rhythmic sounds with electro music beats. Her hybrid approach to composing and performing her songs have resulted in a very inventive and original sound. AHOUHKa’s eclectic musical approach, in collaboration with composer Johan Blontrock, could be justifiable compared to the working methodology of Brian Eno or the creative soundscapes of Björk; who both constantly strive to redefine what a song or compositional sound can be. These same searching qualities are to be found in AHOUHKa’s music. Wishing AHOUHKa and her management team the very best of luck with the launch of her innovative and enchanting sound.

Link to AHOUHKa’s promotional site: https://www.ahouhka.com


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La retouche photographique, 60 ans avant Photoshop

Comforting to know that even the most iconic of photographs and photographers were not adverse to a little retouching here and there. As Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photography, you make it.” Photographic philistines take note when judging people who employ photo apps to enhance their mobile photographic work. 

Link to article: La retouche photographique, 60 ans avant Photoshop.