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Heroic Rose © Sean Hayes

Picture of a rose

Heroic Rose © Sean Hayes

A rose is rose is a rose, as the American avant-garde poet, Gertrude Stein, famously wrote. In other words, a rose just is what it is. Taoism describes it as “Isness” or “Suchness”. But there shouldn’t be a rose there at all. It’s cold and wet here in Belgium and a single rose in my front garden is bravely battling the elements with stoic heroism. Qualities I admire in all sentient life. Qualities that I tried to capture in the photograph.

The Cover Story: The Negative Cutter by Patrick Chapman



The Negative Cutter by Patrick Chapman. Cover photo by Sean Hayes.

Just received copies of a new book this morning from Irish poet, writer, screenwriter and dear friend Patrick Chapman. Patrick kindly asked me if he could use one of my photographs as the cover for his latest literary work. I was delighted to be asked. I’m looking forward to a good read over the festive period. Please check out Patrick’s link below for a complete overview of his writing and film work.

The Negative Cutter, my new book of fiction. | Patrick Chapman.