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Alive and Kicking. Simple Minds @ Lotto Arena Antwerp, Belgium. Nov.15th 2015.


Jim Kerr Simple Minds © Sean Hayes


Just uploaded a series of shots from the concert to my music photography tumblr site. If you’re a fan, I suggest a visit: http://seanhayesmusicphotography.tumblr.com

I remember seeing Simple Minds straight off the boat from Scotland at the SFX theatre in Dublin circa 1979. Kerr seemed shy and retiring. Still hadn’t found his ebullient stage persona. Then followed them into superstardom with an amazing concert at the Phoenix Park Racecourse Dublin in ’83. Blew me away – best band of the day. And they had competition; U2, Eurythmics, Big Country, Steel Pulse. The concert sound mixers did a great job in retaining the musicality of the nascent stadium anthems off their New Gold Dream album. Sound was pure and nuanced. Caught them again at various venues in Paris and Brussels during the late 80s and 90s. They were awful supporting the Stones at Wechter Belgium 1998 (Nobody’s perfect:). Then back to Brussels in 2010 and again last Sunday night in Antwerp. Simple Minds are very much alive and kicking after more than 30 years of writing, recording and performing some of the best music in Rock ‘n’ Roll. You probably guessing I’m a huge fan. And you’d be right:)

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Terry Talks: Getty Images presents Terry O’Neill in conversation

Raquel Welch on the cross, Los Angeles 1970 © Terry O'Neill

Raquel Welch on the cross, Los Angeles 1970 © Terry O’Neill

If you don’t know who Terry O’Neill is – shame on you. One of the most influential and successful photographers of modern times, O’Neill’s iconic work of 60’s and 70’s movie and rock royalty has guaranteed his place in the photographic hall of fame. This clip is a very relaxed and anecdotal review of his life and loves. Worth 50 minutes of your time.