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Latest portrait photography work. March 2017.

It’s been busy these last couple of weeks. I’m delighted I’m starting to get briefs that allow me to create the kind of portrait work I love to do – simple, yet with a lot of punch. The Belgian cartoonist Nix (http://www.nix.be) was a real pleasure to shoot. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do and Nix made my job of capturing his cheeky sense of humour easy and fun. Just as it should be. Onwards and upwards. Sean_Hayes_Photographer_MarchSean_Hayes_Photographer_March 2 (1)Sean_Hayes_Photographer_MarchSean_Hayes_Photographer_March 3 (1)


Don’t Hate the Selfie! | iPad Art Room

Self-indulgence or self-portraiture? ‘Selfies’ have a long and illustrious history in art. A perfectly acceptable way to examine and explore the interior life of an artist in paint and photography. With the ubiquity of ‘selfies’ on social media sites – they seem to rankle more than reveal. Interesting article.

Link: Don’t Hate the Selfie! | iPad Art Room.